Wolverine Workout

The essential guide to working out on the Wolverine Diet

The Wolverine Diet must be matched with a Wolverine Workout in order to get the best results. Else, Jackman would have eaten a ton of food and only gotten fatter. To play the part of Wolverine, Jackman needed to increase the size of his arms and back while remaining lean.It’s important to keep in mind from above that Jackman’s body wasn’t always huge. Throughout most of his life he varied between being skinny and athletic. In fact, Jackman’s personal trainer for the past 20 years Mike Ryan claims that everyone used to call him “Chicken Legs.” According to Ryan, Hugh wakes around 4 a.m. before a 6 a.m. shoot and his average workout can last around 3 hours. While this sounds crazy, an insane amount of training will get you that big. However, most workout sessions are around an hour and a half for Hugh.

Typical Hugh Jackman Training Session

Hugh’s training sessions and Wolverine Workout focuses on always switching things up to “shock” the body. Each morning begins with a 10-minute cardio routine followed by a strict weight lifting session that focuses on compound movements. After each session is always some form of cardio, whether Hugh is swimming or jogging on a treadmill. Cardio lasts for 20 minutes and is medium to low intensity.


While compound lifts are the main focus, Hugh’s former trainer Mike Ryan says that he likes to throw in some unique twists. For instance, although they are always focusing on moves like the bench press and squat, Mike will often adjust the angle of the bench or pick up the pace of the set. This allows Hugh’s body to never be comfortable and force it to adapt rapidly to changes in the workout routine.

According to Ryan, he likes to train Hugh using a traditional bodybuilding split. While one day is focusing on chest and back, another day is strictly for legs. However, unlike many popular bodybuilding styles, Ryan believes in training every set to failure. To do so, you are forcing your muscles to work as hard as they can and grow outside of the gym.

One of the best ways to train to failure outside of using the heaviest weight that you are able to handle is by using super sets. Ryan will often have Hugh target his upper chest on the decline bench press and follow immediately with a set of dumbbell chest flyes.

The Wolverine Workout Bodybuilding Split




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This is the ideal split for the Wolverine Workout that works great alongside proper diet. This split is similar to the style that Hugh used to get in shape for the latest Wolverine film. If you are looking to target excess fat, consider doing extra cardio on your rest days.

As always with the Wolverine Workout routine, always remember:

- Do a light 10-minute cardio session as a warm up before moving on to weight lifting
- You will be doing heavy reps, so pick a weight that feels comfortable, yet will allow you to fail by the 12th rep
- Throw in super sets for the extra burn
- Aim to workout in the morning hours. You will not only get your workout in early but you’ll reap the benefits of training fasted.
- Increase the weight slowly each week. A great rule to follow is if you can complete all sets and reps of a certain weight, increase the weight by 5 lbs during the next workout.
- Don’t utilize cheat reps. All reps need to be slow and controlled so that you are completely working each muscle group.
- Switch things up but don’t overtrain. As Jackman himself says, he likes “Three weeks heavy with lots of rest between sets. Then change to lighter weight, slower reps, four count up, four count down. Then mix in fast, explosive lifting, always changing the workout.”

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Think you’re prepared to take on the Wolverine Workout? By performing this split and pairing it with nutrition and supplements to help repair your body, you may end up looking huge like Hugh Jackman in no time.

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